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The Sastrå Jendrå or Sastrå Harjéndrå teaching is ancient philosophy left by the ancestors of Nusantara, particularly the Javanese (Kêjawèn). Their knowledge and reasoning was gained through contemplation of the universe and life.

Kêjawèn has a broad meaning, which covers confidence towards God, ethics, philosophy of life, arts, traditions, labour, chivalry, leadership, customs and so on.

The sentence ‘Sastrå Harjéndrå Yuningrat Pangruwating Diyu’ means: ”God as a manifestation of the Universe and Life, is a teaching (Divine Teaching) for world peace and for oneself, thereby always changing bad temperaments as a reflection of outrage into civilization”.

In the book Betaljêmur Adam Maknå, the Sastrå Harjéndrå is called: Mustikaning kawruh ingkang kuwåså amartani ing karahayon, karaharjan, katêntrêman lan sak panunggilipun, mêmayu hayuning bawånå, which means : “The Jewel of Divine knowledge as a guide towards salvation, prosperity and serenity in one’s personal life and for the harmony in the world”.


This website is made as a contribution to remind us about the essence of life and the universal values of divinity. In this way, through studying the wisdom of the teachings of our own ancestors, we can enhance the ethics, morals and values of social life. Since the local wisdom of our ancestors’ spiritual culture is now freed from colonialist politico-ideology, it can thus retain its original identity in accordance with the mandate of the Pancasila constitution of UUD’45. Managed by Kanjeng Toni Junus Kartiko Adinagoro.